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Web Site Designing
Our internet development team ensures that the design remains corporate, attractive, simple and meet the needs of both client and users.

Template Design
Designs are economically priced for the small end business organizations that would like to try the internet as a new market segment from their current existing clientele. This approach is based on a fast non customized fixed rate designs on a certain numbers of pages, where the customer portrays their basic business activities.

Custom Design
Entirely developed from scratch, where the customer defines their corporate colors, logos, website content and theme to be provided and/or developed. All the information is gathered and filtered to an initial mock-up website design where further discussions and development takes place to produce a final design which then in turn will be published over the internet.

Website Maintenance
Having implemented the initial design of the website next comes the scheduled maintenance of the website in which every care is taken to ensure a consistency of the information that is found on the website itself. As experience has proven to us that the maintenance of a website plays a major role in the final objectives of the website. Method of communicating changes of website content: Information is sent by fax or email; all information that is communicated to us via this method is files and noted. Once all processing errors is rectified the contented is shifted to the origin location of the website, where customers can view the newly posted information.

We are experts in developing all kind of websites including the following:
* E-commerce Websites
* Corporate Websites
* Community Portals and Forums
Web Packages
We have concluded that the best package solution is to have the flexibility in a choice. Our new web hosting packages provides you the ability to have predefined set packages as well as to have the ability to mix and match different packages to suit your needs.
Email & Hosting System
We understand that most company requirement are diverse from one another, as a result due to the high demand of email hosting requirements, we have created the following email hosting systems to cater for companies that require to further expand the capabilities of their email hosting services.

The following email servers can be setup to be an additional email server system to your current email server or they can act as a fully fledged primary email server to your currently appointed hosting system.

For such enquiries please ensure that you have access to the administrative level of your current hosting system so as to be able to change the mx records to point to your newly appointed hosting system.

The ENET scalability is based on the number of email accounts required and per email account email hosting space.
Domain Registration
Over the past years we have realized that the majority of companies have little to no experience in the registration of their company’s domain name over the internet.

At KNAPCO we provide you the service of registering your domain name which then is administered for your website development.

At a nominal charge, KNAPCO gives you the ability to register your domain name for 1 or 10 years, and the ability to transfer / change / amend the information pertaining towards your domain name during the number of years registered.

We also provide you the ability to transfer the domain names of your currently hosted website to point to our hosting system, in the event that wishes to become among our elite clientele.
For further enquiries please feel free to Contact us.
The enterprise networking market is highly complex. Many standards have yet to be widely ratified, making it difficult to decide the most appropriate strategy for your company. Knapco IT Network Infrastructure Team can help you determine which technology is flexible enough to allow your network to keep pace with your business requirements – whether this involves supporting, upgrading or re-engineering your current capabilities, or the design and implementation of a customized solution..

As expert integrators, we can also configure anti-virus software, Use net servers, Web Servers, Proxy Servers, and Firewalls on your behalf. Whether you are new to the Internet or already have an established website, we can seamlessly integrate your existing e-mail systems, applications and databases with your Internet/Intranet capabilities. The increasing ‘openness’ of networking environments means security must be a major priority to protect your data from breaches of security, software theft and virus infections. Focus IT offers comprehensive solutions to security issued for LAN/WAN structures and Internet services...

Knapco IT Solutions has its own cabling division, staffed by some of the industry’s most experienced cabling consultants. We offer a comprehensive range of cabling services including audit, design, and installation and troubleshooting.

Knapco IT Solutions provides a complete range of maintenance and support services tailored to your precise requirements. With on and off-site support available covering every eventuality from routine maintenance, troubleshooting, hotline and helpdesk functions to post-sales support such as new software releases and the latest bug fixes, you are assured of prompt and professional service at all times, delivered by qualified and experienced personnel.
Content delivery aimed at a tech savvy target audience, in innovative and interactive formats is the key to effectiveness. We at KNAPCO can produce your company’s message in new and innovative multimedia formats that appeals to your clients and give you the competitive edge.

Multimedia CD-Roms
With the advent of newer and more portable technology, multimedia has transformed its content delivery from web technology to the portable hard copies. We provides you the ability to publish your website on digital media CDROMS. This technology further enhances the ability to place more content and information and more illustrated detailed information of your company’s products and services.
Better yet, why not have your entire company brochure placed on a digital CDROM in various sizes and shapes to be presented to future potential clients. Such technology can also provide you the ability to integrate the shareware application presentation and beta development applications to be linked to a full scale presentation regardless of format types, PDF documents, Flash, HTML, executable files and so forth.

Online Demo Presentations
KNAPCO offers Interactive Presentation that are visually compelling with top quality graphic and audio. We can deliver your presentation on demand.
This technology further enhances the ability to place more content and information and more illustrated detailed information of your company's products and services.
Print & Identity
Communication is what it’s all about. To really sell your products or services you needn’t climb the top of Kuwait towers and shout. We, as advertising consultants, help you communicate your company’s message in an eye-catching and interesting manner, plan your media strategy, conceptualize the creative ideas and make effective multimedia tools. Be it press or TV media or brochure and flyers, CD’s or website we can help you to exploit the media to your best advantage.

"A picture is worth more than a thousand words" keeping that in mind, when you first decide to think about developing your company brochure & flyers, logo development, corporate identity, illustration, promotional campaigns and digital photography better yet, why not leave it to the professionals we at KNAPCO, we do what we do best at.

We understand that the first impression counts, therefore careful studies and samples designs are first drafted out and then rigorously scrutinized, after then only can we further develop the initial beta designs to be presented to you. As a full pledged advertising agency, KNAPCO takes the headache of managing all the tedious marketing and advertising planning. “Sit back relax and let us do the job for you.”

Our commitment to such details and attention has not only purified our thoughts and visualizations, but has given us the reputation for being "perfectionists". We give specific answers to design problems. The return is a well organized tasked objective at a reasonable fee.
High-End Web Design
KNAPCO Designers is recognized for our high-end web design services. Our signature designs are built in- house by seasoned designers with over 20 years of combined experience.
Content Management
We have built more then 50 custom content Mamagement Systems on the following platforms: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & LightCMS
Online Marketing
and SEO
KNAPCO Web Designers provides online marketing and search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that improve search engine rankings, website traffic, and conversions.